The History of Byzantine Crosses

The origin of the Byzantine cross dates back to the time of the fourth century Emperor, who was St. Constantine, and was responsible for Christianizing the Roman Empire. Byzantium officially began on this date with the capital of Constantinople that was in establishment by St. Constantine. This era was to see a time of the creation of excellent art, architecture, and jewelry by the Romans, the Greeks, and Christians in addition. Amid the jewelry category, some magnificent Byzantine crosses have been unearthed in archeological digs, and it is these Byzantine crosses. That is the most beautiful of all this jewelry.

Gold Byzantine Cross

The history of Byzantine crosses began with St. Constantine, who was the fourth century Emperor of the Roman Empire. St. Constantine was integral in the Christianization of the Roman Empire and he came up with the capital of Constantinople in Byzantium. This new era that Byzantium was being able to influence was also helping to influence others in numerous other ways in addition.

Byzantium was to experience a new time that was to never be in seeing again and what greatly made an impact on this culture were the areas of art, architecture, and of course jewelry. Jewelry did indeed reflect the changing times towards Christianity and the acceptance of the Roman Empire by this new form of religion on all fronts. In the key areas that were in mention, art, architecture, and jewelry, the Romans, the Greeks and also Christians was in doing of personal contributions where these areas were the most inspirational to them.

Orthodox Byzantine Cross

The Byzantine crosses from this early period are not just very pleasing to the eye because of their overall eye appeal. In addition, because they are inspirational in that they represent faith due to their ancient symbols of Christian belief in God. The Byzantine jewelry medallions are just as equally as exquisite from a captivating viewpoint. These Byzantine crosses also represent spirituality, which is the essence of what faith is all about.

Byzantine crosses also symbolize a very important place to those culturally as well. They are everything that seems to unlock the mysteries. That is in association with all that is in involvement with the mysteries that surround our universe and death as a rule. Crosses of any kind are the thing that most Christians keep close to their hearts because to them it signifies their faith and the presence of God within their lives per se. These sacred crosses and or pendants are the things that are tangible and something whose reality means a lot to Christians that feel secure and happy in knowing that they are in close contact with.

Gold and silver jewelry, which includes crosses and whatever else, give a Christian not only an affinity with God, but it also gives each person a sense of ethnic identity, religious conviction, appreciation for religion overall, and last but not least a feeling of social standing amid others. Byzantine crosses can come either in gold or silver or in gold, silver, and other precious metals. They can contain precious stones or not contain precious stones in addition.

However, the understanding of jewelry in today’s world is very different from ancient times, being that a lot of the contemporary jewelry in the here and now is just in doing in mass production, and a lot of doesn’t have or hold the same meaning as it did during the Byzantine era.

It was Byzantine crosses that were in creation during this illustrious period that would go on to become the epitome of power and beauty and be something that would always reflect what faith and spirituality had in meaning to multitudes of people who were Christians and had a love for God and spirituality in their lives.

Byzantine Cross

These crosses were not just a religious symbol either to those who so held them in high esteem. They were also the very essence of what true Byzantium art was and all that was inspirational in the making about everything that was in association with Byzantine art from art to architecture to jewelry, therefore their voice is something that has brought a great and everlasting influence to the world of mankind who so treasures them both from a personal and a spiritual standpoint.



  1. Posted March 19, 2009 at 9:51 am |

    You are so right. The cross is and has been the symbol of faith and spiritual well being. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Stuart Heart
    Posted October 3, 2009 at 3:12 am |

    The for centuries across in western culture the cross has been deeply symbolic of Christian belief whereas in modern buddist Asia gold crosses are commonly worn by non-christians. Well written and researched article