The Different Types Of White Gold Religious Jewelry

White gold religious jewelry can show others what faith you have and what you believe in. Many people like to wear white gold religious jewelry because of the beauty of it and the reminder of what it means to them. There is a rage today for religious jewelry so everyone can show what they are following and who they follow. Faith is shown throughout with different symbols and signs that can be made from or with white gold. Many people also like their jewelry in yellow gold as well, but the white gold seems to be the most popular.

White Gold Crucifix

White gold religious jewelry can come in all shapes and sizes. People pick these religious symbols due to their faith and wanting to show others what they believe in. They also want to sway others to follow them in their faith, and they wear the white gold religious jewelry to remind them of that. Other people may like the design or symbol that is presented in this type of jewelry. There are necklaces, bracelets, earrings, broaches, pins, cuff links, rings, wedding rings, anklets, and bolos that contain some type of religious symbolization.

White Gold Faith, Hope and Charity Pendant

White gold religious Christian jewelry can include crosses, crucifixes, fish, WWJD? pieces, crown of thorns, angels, doves, the word JESUS, and nails. These all represent something to everyone. Jesus was crucified on the cross. The crucifix can come with Jesus on it or by itself. The fish represents Jesus. The WWJD Jewelry is good for kids to wear because it reminds them to ask What Would Jesus Do in any situation.

14K White Gold Polished Claddagh Charm

The crown of thorns can be casted in a ring or on a necklace. It is the crown that Jesus wore before the crucifixion. Angels are the holy messengers of God. Dove have always been the representation of peace. The word JESUS has been fashioned into earrings, rings, necklaces, and pendants. The nail has become quite popular in the previous years as they are the nails used to fasten Jesus to the cross.

White gold religious jewelry can bring a lot of variables into play. What about different faiths from Christianity? From the Jewish faith, there is the Star of David, the Tree of Life, Shema Israel, Melchizedek Key, and the Key of Prophecy.

14K White Gold Hamsa & Star of David Pendant

For Buddhists, there is a selection of the Om Mani Padme, Kalachakra Mantra Gau, Ashtamangala, Vishva Vajra, and the Endless Knot. For the Islam faith, you can wear a likeness of Fatima’s hands or an elaborate bejeweled headdress. Hinduists can have the Om Namoh, Mangala Sutra, Trident of Shiva, and the Goddess Bhavani. For Pagan faiths, there is the Pentagram, Pentacle, Reiki symbols, Triple Moon, Tree of Life, Triquetra, and Chakra wheels with gemstones. Catholicism has some of its own unique pieces as well. There are rosary necklaces, all of the Saint’s: Christopher, Anthony, Matthew, Teresa, Jude, and many others. There is also the four way medal and the miraculous medal.

14K White Gold Jerusalem Cross Pendant

For many believers, wearing the white gold religious jewelry helps not only strengthen their faith, but it will also provide protection as well. They believe the piece of jewelry has magical powers. A cross will protect them from danger. The Saints will look after them when they are down. Reiki symbols will help us feel better. All of these have their own special meanings to the faith and to the wearer. The jewelry helps them show which path they are following in life. As an observer, you can choose your own path with whatever jewelry catches your eye. You should also pick jewelry that flatters your look and your dress.


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  1. Anna
    Posted February 7, 2010 at 6:44 am |

    I would also like to add that silver has also become very popular due to the extremely high price of gold these days. People that really like the gold look are also buying jewelry that is gold plated as a way of saving some money but still getting jewelry that looks like it is made with gold.