Sterling Silver Biker Jewelry

Call it biker jewelry, gothic jewelry, or rock and roll jewelry chances are very high that they are made out of sterling silver, and make a big bold statement. Skull and crossbones cross jewelry, fleur de lis jewelry, hearts and fire jewelry are the norm of the sterling silver biker jewelry. The seeker of sterling silver biker jewelry emphasizes the importance of big good designs rather than brands. These designs carry more weight and substance than the delicate more fashionable counterparts. These designs exude boldness, counter culture and masculinity. The biker jewelry is not just for bikers the jewelry is for those people who want to be free, and express a freedom of lifestyle.

Silver Biker Flame Ring

Sterling silver biker jewelry has evolved from those simple wallet chains that hang from wallet to belt. The sterling silver biker jewelry is now detailed, costumed, handcrafted, and even boldly beautiful pieces of art. The sterling silver jewelry is perfect in front of black leather, black shirts, blouses, skirts and pants. The designs are many, and the handcrafted ones are the best.

Whether or not you are a biker doesn’t matter. The people that seek biker jewelry out are the ones with a free spirit. These sterling silver biker jewelry sets are symbols of bravery. Showing the jewelry off provide an ultimate statement to your boss, girlfriend and everyone in-between. The sterling silver biker jewelry they are crafted of the finest sterling silver and is a sign of fearlessness, bravery, independence and power.

Biker Skull Ring

The availability of sterling silver biker jewelry is nearly endless. The earrings that are made from sterling silver come in many shapes and styles. Most of them are of the skull and crossbones, but the designs can be of: skulls, cobras, other snakes, eagles, V-Twin engines, motorcycles, ladies, feathers, and crosses. They can be studs, posts, or hoops and loops. The styles and designs are many.

The necklaces and pendants include some of the same designs as above plus a few others such as the dragon, the Maltese Cross, the devil, and animals. They are chokers, long chains to medium chains. Some of the sterling silver biker pendants can be worn with sterling silver chains, leather cords and some chains are even made with skulls.

The sterling silver biker jewelry bracelets designs are as uniquely crafted as well. Triple skulls, double skulls, bats, dragons, snakes and actual biker chains from the motorcycle itself. Big and bold is the style and design. Besides earrings there are the ear cuffs that represent the sterling silver biker jewelry. These ear cuffs hook around your ear lobe; top, middle or bottom. The styles are basically the same, but because of the ear lobe the designs tend to be smaller. They include bats, wings, crosses, animals and of course the peace sign.

Peace Sign Pendant

As you can tell the designs and styles are many. The one thing constant is the boldness of the design and that most of biker jewelry is made out of sterling silver. The sterling silver biker jewelry shows up on black very well. What truly is important is that the sterling silver biker jewelry is big and bold. Walk the wild freer side of life wear some sterling silver biker jewelry. When you purchase your jewelry be sure to buy a polishing cloth to keep that bold statement shown.

Silver Biker Eagle Ring

The places to purchase your biker jewelry is anywhere other than mainstream. Many of the pieces are available at motorcycle outlets and stores. By searching silver biker jewelry you’ll find many online stores. The place to purchase is anywhere other than main stream. Make your statement today with a piece or two of 925 silver biker jewelry.


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  1. Natasha
    Posted July 23, 2010 at 10:04 pm |

    I love the idea of combining the roughness and edginess of a biker design with a slight bit of femininity, especially if it is a piece worn close to the face like a necklace.