Saint Christopher Necklaces – How to Give as a Gift

Saint Christopher is a popular Catholic saint who is considered the patron saint of travelers. People from all walks of life wear Saint Christopher necklaces as a way of invoking the blessing of safe travel to and from their destinations. If you have someone who travels a lot, then this would make a wonderful gift to give them. But even if all they do is commute to their job every day, they could still enjoy the blessings of this necklace. Life itself can be thought of as a journey and a Saint Christopher medallion can provide comfort in times when the road isn’t so smooth.

Silver Saint Christopher Necklaces

Saint Christopher necklaces are an easy gift to give. Even though they are considered religious jewelry, people who are not religious or not Catholics enjoy wearing them too because they are beautiful pieces. This is especially true if you invest a little money and get medals that have been around for awhile. They are considered collector’s items and the older they are, the more valuable they become. The medals are made in several different materials including gold, white gold, silver, platinum, and bronze. Think about the type of metal the person wears most often and then purchase a necklace to match their other jewelry.

If the person is religious, you can pair the Saint Christopher necklaces with other pieces of religious jewelry to make a beautiful package. For example, you can also purchase a set of rosary beads and candles. There is a ritual for petitioning the saints and each saint has their own requirements. To petition Saint Christopher you will need to burn a red candle on Wednesday and say a few prayers. Bundling all of this together ensures the recipient has all they need to ask Saint Christopher to intercede on their behalf.

Gold Saint Christopher Necklaces

Saint Christopher necklaces are great to give for any special occasion. A religious milestone, such as Confirmation, is a wonderful time to symbolize the journey as a Catholic. Birthdays and holidays are good too. They are a nice gift to give even when a person has had an upsetting change in their life. For example, if someone loses their job or loses someone they love, a Saint Christopher medallion can bring them comfort as they travel through the changes in their life. When giving as a gift, be certain to include a nice note with uplifting words they can read in their times of need.