Personalizing Your Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

There are many heirlooms for each family that get passed down from generation to generation and there are many things that make something an heirloom to treasure. What you mostly need is a sense of pride surrounding the item and what instills a sense of family pride in an item is some use of the family name or history. Using something like handcrafted silver jewelry is an excellent way to create a family heirloom because you can make so many beautiful things out of silver and you can also engrave very easily on silver as well.

Silver Agate Pendant

Silver also stands up to the test of time very well and can be something that you pass on for many generations to come. But the question comes up on how to preserve your family pride and heritage on a piece of handcrafted silver jewelry? The easy way out is to have your family name engraved on a pendant and pass that down from either matriarch to matriarch or patriarch to patriarch. While a lively silver pendant seems like a great idea there are many other more interesting things you can put on something like that when it comes to preserving your family name and history.

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Many families will use dates or events of extreme family pride to add to the handcrafted silver jewelry. For example, some families consider one of the most important dates in their family history to be the day that they first came to the United States. Many families commemorate that date with a special piece of engraved jewelry that was purchased by the family members that originally settled the United States and passed down through successive generations.

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Another great example of this can be memories of family members lost in World War II. Many families derive a great deal of pride in family members that gave their lives in World War II and use the date of their passing, or their birthday, as a date to engrave on a keepsake piece of jewelry and pass down from generation to generation. Whatever you feel identifies a great sense of pride in your family can be something that winds up one a piece of jewelry that gets handed down from generation to generation.

Maybe someone’s military outfit name in World War II is what gets engraved on a keepsake piece of jewelry. Whatever gives your family a great sense of pride is something worth remembering.

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Something that many families forget about is their family seal. Everyone has a family seal and if you find that you do not have one then it would be a great idea to start the process of creating one. A family seal engraved on a piece of keepsake jewelry is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry but it is also something that can be passed down from generation to generation with great pride.

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You may even start a trend within your family of displaying the family seal on more than just keepsake jewelry. There is always a great deal of pride attached to an item like a family seal and if you are lucky enough to uncover your family seal then that could be something that you decide to put on a family heirloom that is passed from one generation to the next. Attaching your name to a seal that you can proudly display is one more way of showing your pride in your family.


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