A Little Background To Zoppini Jewelry


For over as decade now the one name that keeps making its way to the top of the list in designer jewelry in the United States or anywhere else in the world is Zoppini Jewelry. If you have not heard of Zoppini Jewelry yet then just stay patient as you are bound to hear from them sometime in the very near future. They adorn the wrists, necks, and fingers of super models and other celebrities all over the world and their approach to jewelry making helps to make their creations not only beautiful to look at but also easier to wear even for people that are sensitive to certain precious metals and may normally break out in a rash. The Zoppini line has been slowly taking over the world and you will hear about them very soon.

Zoppini Feeling Collection

There has been one name in high fashion jewelry that has been rising to the top of the lists of everyone that is anyone in the celebrity spotlight or just anyone that appreciates and recognizes quality jewelry. In 1995 a pair of brothers from Florence, Italy named Manual and Mauro Zoppini brought their creations to the United States and the company that was started many years earlier by their father Marco, called Zoppini Jewelry, was now ready to become a worldwide name in fine charm jewelry.

Zoppini Dare to Love Jewelry Collection

Many gold jewelry uses nickel as its base metal to help keep the gold stable but Zoppini Jewelry uses stainless steel to create their pieces and this means that people that could not wear jewelry before can wear it now because that allergic reaction to the nickel is no longer there.

Zoppini Stainless Steel Bangle

Not only that but stainless steel adds a level of luster and beauty to their jewelry that, after two generations of craftsmanship, Zoppini Jewelry has learned to turn into a one of a kind shine. The gems they use as accents are perfectly placed and the enamel they use to add color creates one of a kind designs unlike anything you have ever seen before.

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Obtainable Sports Jewelry Online


Want to support your team then sports jewelry is one of the best ways to do that. Sports jewelry online is offered fir every possible game you can think of in bracelets, anklets, key chains, earrings, necklaces, purses, wristbands, hair and sleeve scrunchies. They are not only classy and trendy but show your passion for the sport as well as your loyalties to your team. Sports jewelry online can be purchased while staying at home and looking through a huge collection of them. Many online jewelry websites offer shipping as well with lower rates which can be used while sending sports enthusiastic sport jewelry as a gift.

Gold Baseball Theme Pendant

Sports event whether they are the Olympics or the finals in your school you can always show your support to your favorite team by wearing T-shirts, have banners and of course wear sports jewelry not just to show your loyalties but to inspire people. Sports jewelry is one of the coolest and classy way of expressing your support to the team you adore the most. Sports jewelry comes in all sorts of ornaments like wristbands, scrunchies, purses, necklaces, earrings, key chains, anklets and bracelets. It can be pretty exciting as you can match your outfit with the jewelry color and you are good to go.

Gold Tennis Theme Pendant

Do not worry whichever sport it is sports jewelry online offers you a wide collection of athletic jewelry that is irresistible. Some of the major sports names that are listed in the sports jewelry online websites include  Ballet, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Dance, Field Hockey, Figure Skating, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Karate, Lacrosse, Skiing, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track, Volleyball and Wrestling. Some of the major types of sports jewelry found online are listed below with the price range you can purchase them in.

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The Ups And Downs Of Italian Charms In The United States


Today the Italian charm business in the United States is a staple of the fashion industry and Italian charms are being made out of the most precious metals and being decorated with some of the world’s most precious gems. But while it may seem like charms have been here forever the truth is that it took a world war to bring charms to the United States and then it took the death of disco to bring them back to life after years of being forgotten. In the fickle fashion industry of the United States the Italian charm has been both a victim and a hero and everything in between.

Italian Charms

Throughout the history of the world cultures have carved their stories on charms made of wood, stone, or precious metals and have passed those charms down from generation to generation. Native Americans would make beautiful necklaces adorned with charms that told the stories of their ancestors and the great history of their tribe. People would wear the pride of their culture and their heritage around their neck or their wrist in the form of a charm. But for the settlers that came to the United States the idea of charms was not popular and as the Native American started to disappear then so did the notion of charms in the United States. For generations people had never heard of charms and there was no charm business in the United States at all. After World War II soldiers returning home from the war had brought with them trinkets they had picked up in the Italian villages they had visited while they were fighting the war. These beautiful pieces of Italian jewelry soon caught on with the rest of the American population and soon there was an explosion in the American fashion industry of Italian charms. The meanings of the Italian charms were usually lost and the strict rules used to make them were replaced by the idea that they should be made out of whatever material the customer wanted, but it did not take long for Italian charms to find their way into stores all over the United States.

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The History of Byzantine Crosses


The origin of the Byzantine cross dates back to the time of the fourth century Emperor, who was St. Constantine, and was responsible for Christianizing the Roman Empire. Byzantium officially began on this date with the capital of Constantinople that was in establishment by St. Constantine. This era was to see a time of the creation of excellent art, architecture, and jewelry by the Romans, the Greeks, and Christians in addition. Amid the jewelry category, some magnificent Byzantine crosses have been unearthed in archeological digs, and it is these Byzantine crosses. That is the most beautiful of all this jewelry.

Gold Byzantine Cross

The history of Byzantine crosses began with St. Constantine, who was the fourth century Emperor of the Roman Empire. St. Constantine was integral in the Christianization of the Roman Empire and he came up with the capital of Constantinople in Byzantium. This new era that Byzantium was being able to influence was also helping to influence others in numerous other ways in addition.

Byzantium was to experience a new time that was to never be in seeing again and what greatly made an impact on this culture were the areas of art, architecture, and of course jewelry. Jewelry did indeed reflect the changing times towards Christianity and the acceptance of the Roman Empire by this new form of religion on all fronts. In the key areas that were in mention, art, architecture, and jewelry, the Romans, the Greeks and also Christians was in doing of personal contributions where these areas were the most inspirational to them.

Orthodox Byzantine Cross

The Byzantine crosses from this early period are not just very pleasing to the eye because of their overall eye appeal. In addition, because they are inspirational in that they represent faith due to their ancient symbols of Christian belief in God. The Byzantine jewelry medallions are just as equally as exquisite from a captivating viewpoint. These Byzantine crosses also represent spirituality, which is the essence of what faith is all about.

Byzantine crosses also symbolize a very important place to those culturally as well. They are everything that seems to unlock the mysteries. That is in association with all that is in involvement with the mysteries that surround our universe and death as a rule. Crosses of any kind are the thing that most Christians keep close to their hearts because to them it signifies their faith and the presence of God within their lives per se. These sacred crosses and or pendants are the things that are tangible and something whose reality means a lot to Christians that feel secure and happy in knowing that they are in close contact with.

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Finding Safe And Beautiful Children’s Earrings


If you are thinking about making a purchase of jewelry for a child, especially earrings, you should be aware of what to look for to make sure that children’s earrings are safe. If you look for these few simple elements, you can rest assured that not only will the child be stylish; they will be out of harm’s way as well. One of the biggest fears and questions is about whether children’s earrings can be a choking hazard. The answer is no, if you know what to look for. Make sure that your purchase of jewelry keeps the receiver safe.

Childrens Hoop Earrings

Having a baby’s ears pierced is not so uncommon now-a-days. More and more parents are choosing to have this type of piercing done, even before baby can speak! Most experts will agree that the piercing itself is relatively painless; most are less painful than immunization shots that a baby will receive. However, before you get excited and run out to purchase children’s earrings, there are some basic fundamental elements to be aware of to keep babies, toddlers and youngsters safe while they are wearing children’s earrings.

White Gold Childrens Studs

Children’s earrings are crafted differently than adult earrings. Therefore, simply taking a pair of earrings that were made for an adult and putting them on a child does not transform that jewelry into children’s earrings. The elements that make the biggest difference between adult earrings and children’s earring is size and safety features.

Childrens Ladybug Earrings

Earrings for children will be physically smaller than adult earrings. It is not necessarily the earring’s gemstone or other design itself that is smaller; it is the earring post that will be shorter. Long adult earring posts will be too long for children; they can cut into the head of the child and cause injury. Children’s earrings will be designed to fit a child with comfort.

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Designer Jewelry Shows

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The latest Italian jewellery range showcased by Monde D’ Or at the Malaysian International Jewellery Fair in Kuala Lumpur

Chopard Jewelery Fashion Show in Munich, June 2007.

Surya Golds Presenting its new jewelry collection – Vicky Shoor

Personalizing Your Handcrafted Silver Jewelry


There are many heirlooms for each family that get passed down from generation to generation and there are many things that make something an heirloom to treasure. What you mostly need is a sense of pride surrounding the item and what instills a sense of family pride in an item is some use of the family name or history. Using something like handcrafted silver jewelry is an excellent way to create a family heirloom because you can make so many beautiful things out of silver and you can also engrave very easily on silver as well.

Silver Agate Pendant

Silver also stands up to the test of time very well and can be something that you pass on for many generations to come. But the question comes up on how to preserve your family pride and heritage on a piece of handcrafted silver jewelry? The easy way out is to have your family name engraved on a pendant and pass that down from either matriarch to matriarch or patriarch to patriarch. While a lively silver pendant seems like a great idea there are many other more interesting things you can put on something like that when it comes to preserving your family name and history.

Pietersite Druzy Earrings

Many families will use dates or events of extreme family pride to add to the handcrafted silver jewelry. For example, some families consider one of the most important dates in their family history to be the day that they first came to the United States. Many families commemorate that date with a special piece of engraved jewelry that was purchased by the family members that originally settled the United States and passed down through successive generations.

Nephrite Dianite Ring

Another great example of this can be memories of family members lost in World War II. Many families derive a great deal of pride in family members that gave their lives in World War II and use the date of their passing, or their birthday, as a date to engrave on a keepsake piece of jewelry and pass down from generation to generation. Whatever you feel identifies a great sense of pride in your family can be something that winds up one a piece of jewelry that gets handed down from generation to generation.

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After 800 Years: The Facts On Expensive Engagement Rings


In 2007, UNESCO recognized the 800th anniversary of the passing of Rumi, the great Persian poet. That same year, the writer of the following article received an invitation to a special Rumi celebration, one held on the UCLA campus. The writer has heard lines from Rumi’s poems recited by actors in a number of different Persian movies.

Expensive Engagement Ring

While working on the following article, the writer enjoyed reading the Persian legends surrounding the blue sapphire gemstone. The writer noted how the observant Persians had picked-up on the similarities between the blue in a sapphire and the blue in a clear, cloudless sky.

While the Persain poet, Rumi did not pen any verse about expensive engagement rings, he did write about a gemstone that is found in expensive engagement rings. His poems include mention of the blue sapphire. Yet those same poems give rise to a puzzling question: Why would the yellow sapphire engagement rings appear blue?

Apparently jewelers pay closer attention to the golden band in any ring, than to the gemstone in that same ring. That fact helps to explain why jewelers called their sapphire engagement rings “yellow sapphire engagement rings.” Perhaps, too, jewelers thought it best not to come out and admit that those same rings were expensive engagement rings.

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The Different Types Of White Gold Religious Jewelry


White gold religious jewelry can show others what faith you have and what you believe in. Many people like to wear white gold religious jewelry because of the beauty of it and the reminder of what it means to them. There is a rage today for religious jewelry so everyone can show what they are following and who they follow. Faith is shown throughout with different symbols and signs that can be made from or with white gold. Many people also like their jewelry in yellow gold as well, but the white gold seems to be the most popular.

White Gold Crucifix

White gold religious jewelry can come in all shapes and sizes. People pick these religious symbols due to their faith and wanting to show others what they believe in. They also want to sway others to follow them in their faith, and they wear the white gold religious jewelry to remind them of that. Other people may like the design or symbol that is presented in this type of jewelry. There are necklaces, bracelets, earrings, broaches, pins, cuff links, rings, wedding rings, anklets, and bolos that contain some type of religious symbolization.

White Gold Faith, Hope and Charity Pendant

White gold religious Christian jewelry can include crosses, crucifixes, fish, WWJD? pieces, crown of thorns, angels, doves, the word JESUS, and nails. These all represent something to everyone. Jesus was crucified on the cross. The crucifix can come with Jesus on it or by itself. The fish represents Jesus. The WWJD Jewelry is good for kids to wear because it reminds them to ask What Would Jesus Do in any situation.

14K White Gold Polished Claddagh Charm

The crown of thorns can be casted in a ring or on a necklace. It is the crown that Jesus wore before the crucifixion. Angels are the holy messengers of God. Dove have always been the representation of peace. The word JESUS has been fashioned into earrings, rings, necklaces, and pendants. The nail has become quite popular in the previous years as they are the nails used to fasten Jesus to the cross.

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Silver Wedding Rings To Remember The Special Day


Looking for a wedding ring, having trouble in deciding which one to buy? Well silver wedding rings is the clear choice as they are elegant, stylish with a lot of designs that you can choose from. Silver wedding rings can be chosen for both, men and women, giving you the opportunity to custom make one by adding a diamond or a gemstone of your own choice. Silver wedding bands are being purchased a lot as silver jewelry is very hip these days which not only looks elegant but gorgeous too. Browse through the internet and choose your favorite silver wedding ring or place an order to have them specially made for you.

Sterling Silver Princess CZ Wedding Ring Set

Enough with following the same trend, gold wedding rings are old go for silver wedding rings this time to set a new trend. The price that you can get on silver wedding rings is amazing, they are an economical substitute for gold or platinum rings. Sterling silver rings are tarnish resistant as well. Choose silver wedding rings not because they look good but the variety and huge selection of them might make it difficult for you to choose. That is why we are here to help you make the right choice. Some of the interesting and different ideas for silver wedding rings can be:

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