Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings

Gold bamboo hoop earrings are a newer fashion trend that is directly linked to hip hop music. Over the last few years, women in hip hop and pop music, as well as other forms of contemporary music, have been spotted sporting these types of hoop earrings. That in turn has created a new jewelry craze among females both young and old.

White Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings

The style of these earrings is rather unusual – they actually resemble the bamboo plant but other than looking like a bamboo stalk, the similarities end there. Some are single colors of gold, in either white or yellow gold. Others are much more elaborate in design, being a mixture of white or yellow gold, or sometimes three or more colors of gold to make the design of the bamboo stand out. Most commonly, the hoops are round in shape but they can be shaped as hearts, stars, or multiple circles fused together. Those that are not solid gold can be cheaper, often due to being hollowed out, gold over sterling silver, or a gold variety that is not pure gold but a lesser grade, such as 10k or 14k.

Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings

Those commonly found in jewelry stores, boutiques, department stores, or mall kiosks can be of a moderately large size to small. Those featured by the ladies of music in contemporary times are on the much larger side, some being large enough to be worn as bracelets. While it is possible to find earrings of this size, they can be difficult to find. When found, they can often be expensive because of their gold content. One problem with the larger gold bamboo hoop earrings is the weight of the earring themselves; therefore, not all women might be comfortable wearing the larger bamboo hoop earrings. Some of the larger style gold bamboo hoop earrings are hollow in design to reduce the weight of the earring itself and to allow for maximum comfort for the wearer.

In addition to the standard gold bamboo hoop earring that is found for purchase, some jewelry retailers offer custom earrings, displaying words or the name of the wearer as a part of the design. The cost of customizing these gold bamboo hoop earrings can dramatically add to the cost and can delay being able to take them home as they are either customized in store or sent away for the addition of a name to the body of the earring. Not every jewelry retailer offers the practice of customizing gold bamboo hoop earrings. This service is most commonly found in jewelry stores or offered by retailers on the internet.

Gold bamboo hoop earrings can be found in almost any jewelry retailer – jewelry stores, department stores, mall kiosks, boutiques and clothing stores, and even on the internet. Gold bamboo hoop earrings can be a great gift for someone, especially the customized version bearing the wearer’s name. Or, treat yourself with a pair of lovely, large earrings that draw attention and accent the face. Bring out an inner rock star with gold bamboo hoop earrings.


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  1. Jeffrey
    Posted June 4, 2012 at 3:48 am |

    Nice cute jewelry liked it.The design is good small and elegant.Even the gold one is also looking nice.