Finding Safe And Beautiful Children’s Earrings

If you are thinking about making a purchase of jewelry for a child, especially earrings, you should be aware of what to look for to make sure that children’s earrings are safe. If you look for these few simple elements, you can rest assured that not only will the child be stylish; they will be out of harm’s way as well. One of the biggest fears and questions is about whether children’s earrings can be a choking hazard. The answer is no, if you know what to look for. Make sure that your purchase of jewelry keeps the receiver safe.

Childrens Hoop Earrings

Having a baby’s ears pierced is not so uncommon now-a-days. More and more parents are choosing to have this type of piercing done, even before baby can speak! Most experts will agree that the piercing itself is relatively painless; most are less painful than immunization shots that a baby will receive. However, before you get excited and run out to purchase children’s earrings, there are some basic fundamental elements to be aware of to keep babies, toddlers and youngsters safe while they are wearing children’s earrings.

White Gold Childrens Studs

Children’s earrings are crafted differently than adult earrings. Therefore, simply taking a pair of earrings that were made for an adult and putting them on a child does not transform that jewelry into children’s earrings. The elements that make the biggest difference between adult earrings and children’s earring is size and safety features.

Childrens Ladybug Earrings

Earrings for children will be physically smaller than adult earrings. It is not necessarily the earring’s gemstone or other design itself that is smaller; it is the earring post that will be shorter. Long adult earring posts will be too long for children; they can cut into the head of the child and cause injury. Children’s earrings will be designed to fit a child with comfort.

The safety element that is important on children’s earrings is the fact of having different screws on the back of the earrings. The screw, as opposed to adult earrings, will be very smooth on the bottom and have a tight fit. This will not only ensure that the fit is comfortable, but you want to make sure that the earring fits tight enough that it can not become a choking hazard.

Childrens Earrings

Children’s earrings are just as beautiful as those for adults. One of the most popular types of earrings for children is birthstone earrings. Many parents and relatives with to celebrate the child’s birthday by showing off the gem stone of that particular month. When you are purchasing gem stone earrings, you do not necessarily need to have the child wear gems that match their month; you can choose any gem that you find to be beautiful. However, if you wish to purchase gemstone earrings that match a certain month, be sure to be aware that there are two lists; a traditional list and a modern one. The modern list was created not long ago, because some of the stones on the original list were found to be too rare and/or too expensive.

Even with all of the precautions one can take to keep jewelry safe, people should also be aware that children will be children; therefore any piece of jewelry can be lost. If you are going to be purchasing expensive earrings, make sure that the child is old enough to be aware of the value of the gift.



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