Want Faithful Children? Bracelets Could Be The Answer

Parents have good reason to think about the religious beliefs of their children. Bracelets can help a child to get noticed, but they do not always seem like a way to teach the importance of religious faith to children. Bracelets are too often associated with the glitzy world of those who wear lots of jewelry. Among such jewelry wearers, it can be hard to find someone with strong religious beliefs. The writer of the following article has tried to reach out to parents. The following article suggests two possible ways by which a parent might bring faith and bracelets closer together.

Children ID Bracelets

In an overview of jewelry for children, bracelets show-up as a popular item. Some of those bracelets are given to infant children. Bracelets that can be made larger often attract the attention of those who need a gift to present at a baptism or a christening.

Let’s take a closer look at those adjustable bracelets. Can they affect the faith of children? Bracelets can bear a religious symbol, but does a child notice that symbol? Does a child consider the symbol on an infant bracelet when faced with the chance to declare his or her religious beliefs?

A parent might find a way to show with a bracelet the association between security and faith in a higher authority. A parent might, for example, touch a child’s bracelet lovingly, while putting an infant to sleep with a religious song. A parent should never discount the observations of children. Bracelets with religious symbols could well be an important part of such observations.

At the present time most of the bracelets for children focus on only one group of beliefs—the beliefs of a strong Christian. A Muslim parent can not find a child’s bracelet with a dangling crescent. A Jewish parent can not find a child’s bracelet with a dangling Star of David. Yet a Christian parent can find a child’s bracelet with a dangling cross.

Does that mean that all of the bracelet makers have harbored a secret desire that large numbers of children would become strong Christians? If that were the case, the bracelet makers could be in for a real disappointment. Some of the bracelets made for children have lacked any dangling object, but those same bracelets did have some colorful beads. Those bracelets thus resembled the prayer beads used in some non-Christian religions.

Baby ID Bracelet

A parent might want to buy his or her child a bracelet with a few colorful beads. The parent could then touch those beads when reciting short prayers with the child. That would give the child a pleasant introduction to the importance of prayer. That should help a child see how faith has touched the hearts and minds of those closest to that child. Of course, there is no guarantee that a parent’s prayers for a child will be answered. Still, that should not rule out the positive effect of praying with children. Bracelets can encourage that positive event to take place. Bracelets can thus have a positive effect on children.

By associating bracelets with prayer beads and with prayer, a parent can better separate that one piece of jewelry from the glitzy world often associated with those who wear jewelry. In that way, possession of a bracelet can come to represent a statement of faith.


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