Catholic Patron Saint Medals

Most of the world is very familiar with the Catholic Patron Saint Christopher.  The Saint Christopher patron saint medal is often given to the young, and they wear it or put it on a key chain.  Do you realize that there are more than 4,000 Catholic Patron Saint Medals?  The practice of wearing a patron saint medal dates back to at least the 700’s, and one has been found dating to the 300’s with the image of Saint Lawrence being roasted over a fire on a grill.  Saint Pope Pius V began the practice of blessing devotional medals around 1566.  It has been stated that he blessed some medals with the images of Jesus and Mary.  When this happened the blessing of medals spread throughout the Catholic Church.

Catholic Patron Saint Christopher

Through the ages these medals have become devotional religious and sacraments that are symbols created by the Church that help a believer stand firm in his faith or religious duties.  They are reminders to help people pray, and perform acts of reverence to God.  The Catholic Patron Saint Medals are to ask for help from that specific Saint to intercede for them before God.  The medal itself does not give any help or have any special power, but it is worn to inspire faith and hope in God.

There is a patron saint design that will fit your needs and your lifestyle.  You can choose from medals to wear as a necklace, a key chain or you can choose these Patron Saints as charms to add to a bracelet.  They can be made from Gold, Silver, Sterling Silver, and even Gold filled.  The medals and/or charms can be engraved upon the back to give you an extra special reminder.  Many people have them engraved to honor a special occasion or just have them personalized with their own name.

The St Anthony medal

The hardest part is attempting to find the right Catholic Patron Saint Medal that fits the person.  The saints are many, and most of them are on a medal or charm.  Once that is chosen then it’s time to decide if you want a 14K gold medal, a silver medal or a sterling silver medal.  Now you can find them in platinum, and other metal alloys.

To find these medals and find information upon these medals is fairly easy.  To see them up close and personal, then look in the phone book, or on the internet to find the nearest Catholic Book Store.  They tend to be located in many of the major cities.  By visiting the Catholic Store you will be able to talk to the retail sales people who are very knowledgeable.  By talking to these knowledgeable people you will learn about the many Catholic Patron Saint Medals and their meanings.

Patron saint medal
As mentioned before the Internet is a good source to find Catholic Patron Saint Medals.   Listed here are a few of well designed and user-friendly sites: and .  These sites list the saints, the type of medals available in the different metals, and give you information about the Catholic Patron Saints and their specialized intercessory between you and God.  Available are the usual suspects: St. Christopher, St. Michael, St. Jude, St. Francis, St. Peregrine, St. Gerard, The Patron of Expectant Mothers, Patron of Cancer, Patron of Travelers, Patron of Police Officers, Patron of Military, and many others.

So, as you can see there is a Catholic Patron Saint Medal specifically for you, for your occupation and for what you are experiencing.  Check these Catholic Patron Saint Medals out for yourself.  Not only will you find one to help you keep your faith, and to remember to pray, you’ll find out some interesting facts about the Patron Saints of the Catholic Church.