Big Hoop Earrings – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The large circular shapes found in big hoop earrings can display the beauty of a shiny, solid metal, or they can help the wearer to appear a bit more dazzling. Metal hoops that contain gemstones let the woman who wears them have a simple but dazzling outfit. Those particular gemstones could be part of a micropave, or they could have a princess cut. Those two possibilities offer just a taste of the many variations found among jewelry collections that feature big hoop earrings. More than two dozen brand names have been placed on such items. This article will describe the items that appear to be most popular, among the customers who order a pair of hoops with a particular brand name.

Big Hoop Earrings

When Valentine’s Day approaches, customers who want earrings have plenty of reason to seek out a piece that carries the Tiffany brand name. That name has been linked to gold hoops, those that feature a heart shape. Tiffany ™s expert jewelers have also fashioned gold hoops with a filigree design. Customers who want silver hoops should seek out items that carry the Silverspoon name. Silverspoon’s skillful jewelers have created a silver ripple hoop. They have also placed silver together with yellow gold. Their two tone pairs can be found on the Internet.An online search that includes use of the name “Bali” can also aid the discovery of silver ear pieces. Crafts people in Bali have taken the time to create hand made items. They have fashioned 10 mm pieces out of silver.

Hoop Fashion Earrings

The name “Veronese” has been linked to some gorgeous two inch gold earrings. It is also the name that can be used to guide an online shopper to a site that offers beaded hoops. Mention of beaded items reinforces the need for a listing of more brand names. “Topaz,” “Swarovski” and “Omega” are three other names that should stay in the mind of the person who loves wearing eye-catching earrings. Topaz makes and sells two inch hoops that feature a line of white topaz beads. The Omega name has been tied to ultra fine silver items. Each of those pieces is tarnish resistant, nickel free and hypoallergenic. In addition to selling ultra fine pieces, Omega also offers some items with a unique oval shape.

Big Hoop Dangle Earrings with Silver Beads

Online shoppers who examine the offerings from Swarovski should expect to find something quite unique – hoops with removable elements. Those elements assume the shape of a moon and a star. They are gold plated items, some of which have been decorated with a pave of crystals. This latest offering from Swarovski lengthens the growing list of variations available to those who want dangling ear pieces. Dangling items represent one of the two types found among jewelry collections that contain hoop earrings. The other type has been described as a “huggie.”

Both the huggie and the dangle have managed to achieve the same purpose. Both have made it possible for a woman to appear in public in an outfit that is both simple and dazzling.


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