Jewish Jewelry Gifts

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Jewish jewelry gifts are a great option for a variety of occasions. Whether you are presented with a simple birthday, anniversary, religious holiday, or even a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, you can choose jewelry as a way to make a great impression and provide a gift that people are sure to love. Not only are these gifts symbolic, but they are often sentimental and very treasured by those who wear them. Anyone who wants to show how proud they are of their religion will usually do so by wearing jewelry to display their faith for the world to see.

Jewish Jewelry Gifts

There are thousands of different types of Jewish jewelry gifts that you can find to choose from, no matter what you are looking for. The most common symbols used in Jewish pieces include the Menorah, the Star of David, the Mezuzah, and the Hamsa. Read More »

Big Hoop Earrings – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


The large circular shapes found in big hoop earrings can display the beauty of a shiny, solid metal, or they can help the wearer to appear a bit more dazzling. Metal hoops that contain gemstones let the woman who wears them have a simple but dazzling outfit. Those particular gemstones could be part of a micropave, or they could have a princess cut. Those two possibilities offer just a taste of the many variations found among jewelry collections that feature big hoop earrings. More than two dozen brand names have been placed on such items. This article will describe the items that appear to be most popular, among the customers who order a pair of hoops with a particular brand name.

Big Hoop Earrings

When Valentine’s Day approaches, customers who want earrings have plenty of reason to seek out a piece that carries the Tiffany brand name. That name has been linked to gold hoops, those that feature a heart shape. Tiffany ™s expert jewelers have also fashioned gold hoops with a filigree design. Customers who want silver hoops should seek out items that carry the Silverspoon name. Silverspoon’s skillful jewelers have created a silver ripple hoop. They have also placed silver together with yellow gold. Their two tone pairs can be found on the Internet. Read More »

Types of Cobra Jewelry to adorn

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Cobra jewelry is by far the best investment in fashion today. To get a ear piece firmly attached, piercings are made on which jewelry shaped like the king cobra is flaunted popularly. People from many countries all over the world these days wear jewelry in cobra design. Since this jewelry is available in different styles and designs both men as well as women are able to flaunt the pieces. In fact over the years people have been wearing cobra shaped earrings and necklaces and scaly cobra rings with greatest enthusiasm and the trend continues even till today.

Cobra Ring

The ear lobe is the common part where exclusive cobra designed jewelry is worn. Designs can be selected as per individual taste. Cobra hood pendants can be made by using different kinds of components like gold, precious stones, silver, pearls, diamonds and even less precious materials as well. Teenagers and young adults both like flaunting hooded cobra shaped necklaces. Many of the retail and wholesale shops, online and offline, sell a good range of beautiful cobra shaped hair clips jewelry too. The beauty of this king serpent can now adorn your wrist, neck or fingers, anytime you want to look your best. Read More »

Catholic Patron Saint Medals

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Most of the world is very familiar with the Catholic Patron Saint Christopher.  The Saint Christopher patron saint medal is often given to the young, and they wear it or put it on a key chain.  Do you realize that there are more than 4,000 Catholic Patron Saint Medals?  The practice of wearing a patron saint medal dates back to at least the 700’s, and one has been found dating to the 300’s with the image of Saint Lawrence being roasted over a fire on a grill.  Saint Pope Pius V began the practice of blessing devotional medals around 1566.  It has been stated that he blessed some medals with the images of Jesus and Mary.  When this happened the blessing of medals spread throughout the Catholic Church.

Catholic Patron Saint Christopher

Through the ages these medals have become devotional religious and sacraments that are symbols created by the Church that help a believer stand firm in his faith or religious duties.  They are reminders to help people pray, and perform acts of reverence to God.  The Catholic Patron Saint Medals are to ask for help from that specific Saint to intercede for them before God.  Read More »

Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings


Gold bamboo hoop earrings are a newer fashion trend that is directly linked to hip hop music. Over the last few years, women in hip hop and pop music, as well as other forms of contemporary music, have been spotted sporting these types of hoop earrings. That in turn has created a new jewelry craze among females both young and old.

White Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings

The style of these earrings is rather unusual – they actually resemble the bamboo plant but other than looking like a bamboo stalk, the similarities end there. Some are single colors of gold, in either white or yellow gold. Others are much more elaborate in design, being a mixture of white or yellow gold, or sometimes three or more colors of gold to make the design of the bamboo stand out. Most commonly, the hoops are round in shape but they can be shaped as hearts, stars, or multiple circles fused together. Those that are not solid gold can be cheaper, often due to being hollowed out, gold over sterling silver, or a gold variety that is not pure gold but a lesser grade, such as 10k or 14k.

Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings

Those commonly found in jewelry stores, boutiques, department stores, or mall kiosks can be of a moderately large size to small. Those featured by the ladies of music in contemporary times are on the much larger side, some being large enough to be worn as bracelets. While it is possible to find earrings of this size, they can be difficult to find. When found, they can often be expensive because of their gold content. One problem with the larger gold bamboo hoop earrings is the weight of the earring themselves; therefore, not all women might be comfortable wearing the larger bamboo hoop earrings. Some of the larger style gold bamboo hoop earrings are hollow in design to reduce the weight of the earring itself and to allow for maximum comfort for the wearer.

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Saint Christopher Necklaces – How to Give as a Gift

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Saint Christopher is a popular Catholic saint who is considered the patron saint of travelers. People from all walks of life wear Saint Christopher necklaces as a way of invoking the blessing of safe travel to and from their destinations. If you have someone who travels a lot, then this would make a wonderful gift to give them. But even if all they do is commute to their job every day, they could still enjoy the blessings of this necklace. Life itself can be thought of as a journey and a Saint Christopher medallion can provide comfort in times when the road isn’t so smooth.

Silver Saint Christopher Necklaces

Saint Christopher necklaces are an easy gift to give. Even though they are considered religious jewelry, people who are not religious or not Catholics enjoy wearing them too because they are beautiful pieces. This is especially true if you invest a little money and get medals that have been around for awhile. They are considered collector’s items and the older they are, the more valuable they become. The medals are made in several different materials including gold, white gold, silver, platinum, and bronze. Think about the type of metal the person wears most often and then purchase a necklace to match their other jewelry.

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Claddagh Rings – Popular for Three Hundred Years

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Some of the most beloved styles of Irish jewelry are the Claddagh rings.  It is said that the heart on the ring is representative of love, while the hands are for friendship and the crown shows loyalty.  The quote that goes along with the symbols is “In my hands I hold your heart, crowning it with all my love”.  This particular style of ring is often given to a loved one as a promise ring, an engagement ring or a wedding ring.  It is said that the proper way to wear this ring is with the symbols facing inward for those who are in a relationship.

Silver Claddagh Rings

There are a couple of stories passed down through the years of the origin of the Claddagh rings.  Both of these stories date back well over three hundred years ago and originate from the tiny village of Claddagh in Ireland.  This village was a fishing village and the name itself meant a flat stony shore.  One thought is that a woman by the name of Margaret Joyce used a great deal of her inherited wealth to build necessary bridges in Connacht. It is believed that the ring was a gift and a reward to her for her generosity and that it dropped in her lap from a passing eagle.

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Where to Sell Loose Diamonds in Canada

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There are various treasures in this world. Many of these treasures are collected and sold for large profits. Among the many valuable treasures of this world are diamonds. There are various cultures which find diamonds to be glorious and beautiful additions to jewelry. Not only are diamonds priceless but they are a universal symbol of love that will never go out of style.

The economy of the world today is falling. It is in these dire times that many individuals have resorted to selling loose diamonds in Canada. Many Canadians have realized that their precious diamonds may be more valuable to them if they sell them for money. Thankfully, for individuals who are looking to score a lot of money or even make a little cash there are always people who are willing to buy diamonds. Therefore, if you are interested in selling diamonds, the chances of making profit are big.

Sell Diamonds in Canada

For people attempting to sell loose diamonds in Canada, there are various ways of going about it. Millions of people engage in the trading and selling of jewelry each day, especially diamonds. In fact, diamonds are in such high demand that making your own business from selling diamonds can turn out to be a strategic and fulfilling career move.

In order to sell diamonds, it is not necessary to have perfect diamonds. Even old, scratched, or broken loose diamonds can be worth a pretty penny in Canada. Of course, prices of loose diamonds tend to vary by carat, condition, and size of the diamonds. Loose diamonds should certainly be cleaned and shined before attempting to sell them.

Cleaning your loose diamonds is rather simple. Simply submerge them in a jewelry cleaning solution. After they have soaked for a while, take them out and dry them off. This is an important step for anyone attempting to sell loose diamonds. The more they sparkle, the more money you will receive.

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Sterling Silver Biker Jewelry


Call it biker jewelry, gothic jewelry, or rock and roll jewelry chances are very high that they are made out of sterling silver, and make a big bold statement. Skull and crossbones cross jewelry, fleur de lis jewelry, hearts and fire jewelry are the norm of the sterling silver biker jewelry. The seeker of sterling silver biker jewelry emphasizes the importance of big good designs rather than brands. These designs carry more weight and substance than the delicate more fashionable counterparts. These designs exude boldness, counter culture and masculinity. The biker jewelry is not just for bikers the jewelry is for those people who want to be free, and express a freedom of lifestyle.

Silver Biker Flame Ring

Sterling silver biker jewelry has evolved from those simple wallet chains that hang from wallet to belt. The sterling silver biker jewelry is now detailed, costumed, handcrafted, and even boldly beautiful pieces of art. The sterling silver jewelry is perfect in front of black leather, black shirts, blouses, skirts and pants. The designs are many, and the handcrafted ones are the best.

Whether or not you are a biker doesn’t matter. The people that seek biker jewelry out are the ones with a free spirit. These sterling silver biker jewelry sets are symbols of bravery. Showing the jewelry off provide an ultimate statement to your boss, girlfriend and everyone in-between. The sterling silver biker jewelry they are crafted of the finest sterling silver and is a sign of fearlessness, bravery, independence and power.

Biker Skull Ring

The availability of sterling silver biker jewelry is nearly endless. The earrings that are made from sterling silver come in many shapes and styles. Most of them are of the skull and crossbones, but the designs can be of: skulls, cobras, other snakes, eagles, V-Twin engines, motorcycles, ladies, feathers, and crosses. They can be studs, posts, or hoops and loops. The styles and designs are many.

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Are Ankle Bracelets Sexy?

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Did you know that jewelry is part of the fashion industry? Jewelry is a vital part of the fashion industry because people who love jewelry or just like jewelry wish to accessorize their many outfits. There is jewelry that is appropriate to wear for work and there is jewelry that is appropriate to wear for play. There are many types of jewelry for people to choose from when they want to wear jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, pins, and ankle bracelets. Ankle bracelet is very sexy and usually worn in the summertime with sandals on the beach.

Steel Sun and Moon Anklet

Jewelry is a part of our fashion culture. People who like or love jewelry of all kinds maybe well versed on what kind of jewelry they like whether they like earrings, rings, bracelets, pins, or ankle bracelets. However, most jewelry lovers and jewelry enthusiasts might not be aware that jewelry is a vital part of the fashion industry. Jewelry is a major part of the fashion industry because jewelry lovers are usually clothing lovers as well.

River Pearl Anklet

People who love clothes and jewelry might wish to accessorize both their corporate or work clothing and their leisure or play clothing. There is jewelry that can be worn during working hours and there is jewelry that can be worn during people’s down time or playing hours. There are many types of jewelry that jewelry lovers can choose from on a daily basis. There is silver jewelry and there is gold jewelry. There is even platinum jewelry. In addition, there is gemstone jewelry that comes in gold, silver, and platinum.

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